Friday, September 11, 2009

Shakespeare In Hollywood

I have just recently started volunteering my design skills to the Albuquerque Little Theater, this is the first poster I have done for them. I, like many Americans, love the idea of volunteering, but generally find it hard to find time or a way to volunteer the only thing I am really any good at. But designing theater posters is something I have always wanted to get into. Concert posters are great and all, but there is so much drama and story and comedy to convey in a theater poster. And what a rich history! I first started really loving theater design seeing the work Portland Center Stage did in Oregon. Great bold illustration and colors, imagery that fit in with current design. They made theater look so much more inviting. My favorite part was the way they found new ways to show iconic plays. Later in the season I'll be doing a poster for Dial M for Murder, one of my favorite movies ever. Hopefully it wont, you know, suck.