Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ace Hotel Nike Presentation

Nike is a weird company. I mean, I know what they do and how global they are, but it still amazes me just how many people actually work there. The Ace wanted to do a presentation to their travel people, who basically are the people that book the hotels for Nike guests and employees. I figured there were maybe 5 or 6 people who did this, but it turned out there were almost 25! To get their attention and break up their boring day (which was to be spent sitting through dopey hotel pitch after dopey hotel pitch), we came up with a whole experience that started long before the meeting.

First, Each rep attending the meeting was sent a letter with a specific number. The letter was an average form letter, with all the boring impersonal parts crossed out, letting the true message pop.

The second item sent was a 45 record sleeve pulled from a local record store with their number screened on the front and stuffed with gifts. The sleeve had a bunch of random stuff inside, including a record, an invite to the meeting, photos, notes, and love. This all came together with the meeting, where everyone just kind of hung out and talked about stuff they liked to talk about. Total success!